I am working on an update on my website. In 2023 we moved to Gorinchem and I only do some projects If I really feel like it.

The rest here is old news......going to work on it soon! (January 2024)

Welcome to my new hiding place on the world wide web! This is a place to share my work and my life. If you like to follow my journey you are more than welcome! I also love reactions on my blogs or through my contact page.

xxx ENJOY!xxx

The year 2020 made me aware that I tried to do too much and therefore did not made time to take care of my health and dreams. After some strange months of adjusting I picked up another path. I joined a project of Extinction Rebellion and realised I was grown into a fashion activist. Longing to do more radical things like mending my clothes all the time and stop trying to sell and be an entrepreneur. I want to live a life with way more nature involved, with walks, cooking great plant based whole foods and do some plant dyeing and social and/or sustainable art projects. I hope to travel more and do artists in residence programs as soon it is possible.

I also finally will make a kind of an archive here to show what I have done till now in sustainable art projects and fashion.

Thank you for being here!

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