Eco printing with India Flint in Schotland

Door: Marijke Bongers, op 13 februari 2018 

By Marijke Bongers

On Thursday 28th of March I will teach a workshop eco print.
Caitlin and I joined a wonderful 5 day workshop with India Flint in Scotland in 2015 and I went again to a long workshop on eco printing of India in 2017 when she visited the Netherlands.

Eco printing the way India teaches us is great fun. Taking care of using only plants from your own garden or windfall, you'll learn how much treasures there are lying around, waiting for you to use. India takes great care in using and reusing textiles and making pieces of art of them. If you visit our studio I would recommend you to take the time and enjoy sitting at our table and read her books. They are my favorite textile books! You can find more info about the eco print workshop at the event page. We will work on paper and textiles. Also you can work on eco printing on the ongoing lessons every Wednesday- and/or Thursday evening. Have a look at events for more information about these lessons.

Picture 2: Caitlin's work in Scotland 2015 Picture 3: Marijke's work in Schotland 2015 And a link to the blog of India Flint: Website India Flint Voor onze Nederlandse lezers: We begrijpen dat niet iedereen blij is met steeds meer Engels op websites. Maar omdat onze klantenkring steeds meer internationaal wordt kiezen we toch voor Engelstalig. Voor vragen kunt u natuurlijk altijd in de studio of per email bij ons terecht.

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