Etsy updates and embroidery

Door: Marijke Bongers, op 2 april 2018 

Shop updates

Last week our Etsy has been filled up! All the small skeins that were made for our wristwarmers pattern are now limitedly available on our Etsy shop. I've also been working on filling up our webshop and we're pretty close to being able to put it online. Of course there are many yarns that are still not online, since we have a lot of yarns in our shop and it's also lots of work. If you have a special yarn wish send an email to for more information!

Check out our Etsy shop for the new hand dyed yarns that were put online!


We've been to one of our suppliers of yarn to stock up some new yarns. Next to that we've also bought a bunch of try-out yarns to see if we can deliver more unique and beautiful yarns. One of the yarns we will be trying out is a thin unregular 100% mulberry silk yarn. The white yarn used in the embroidery picture with the flower is this yarn. It is fantastic to work with and gives a lovely authentic feeling when finished. We like unregularities in textiles and embroidery - if everything looks machine made our work would be so boring!

One of the projects going on at the moment is a long scarf, filled with embroidery pieces. The flower piece was added just yesterday, but there are many more already. My personal favorite is this piece eco-printed silk where I made back stitches along the edge of the print of the leaf. I quite like how the total scarf is coming together and I think it will be available for sale on the Fair Fashion Market Rotterdam, where we will be attending again this year!

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