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Door: Marijke Bongers, op 30 april 2018 

By Marijke Bongers

After the commission of Mariska Mell and Gerah Lankhuijzen I was much more aware of what is important in my life.

Both let me in their life, even in a time that it was so precious and short.

Both wanted me to really make the best of my talent and told me to do what my hart told me to do.

I was honored to be part of their life and am thinking a lot about them.

I always was a bit stubborn, not taking good care of myself and not satisfied with my work, but I would love that they could see me now and be proud of me, like more of my loved ones that passed away. Like Janny Boerman and my dear dad.

From a part of the money that I earned on one of the commissions, I gave myself and the studio a three year subscribtion to this wonderful celebration of textiles, Selvedge magazine.

Giving myself what really inspires me over and over again. Holding my breath seeing the art of craftspeople all over the world.

I cannot wait until the Lace edition will arrive.

You are always welcome to have a nice long look at them on open studio hours. Just sit down with a pile of gorgeousness and enjoy. (the studio is only open by appointment now, update March 2021)

Here is the link: https://www.selvedge.org/


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