Quotes about textile as an idea for embroidery

Door: Marijke Bongers, op 25 mei 2020 

“Sewing is a way to mark our existence on cloth; patterning our place in the world, voicing our identity, sharing something of ourselves with others and leaving the indelible evidence of our presence in stitches held fast by our touch.”

– Clare Hunter, Threads of Life

Today I came across a quote and decided to make a blog about using quotes. I
love to embroider and i also love quotes. So I want to embroider words and
quotes on my clothes for a long time.

The funny thing is that I had a hard time to bring the two together. I have
a Pinterest board with quotes that I love. But when I want to embroider
something on my own clothes I seem to forget that. And am lost and don't really
know what I want on my clothes.

I can imagine I am not the only one with this problem to bring two ideas
together. You need light bulb moments for these strange blocks you can have in
your work.

So when I was tagged today by my friend Nanda it suddenly was easy.

I was going to write a blog about it and after that I can add every time I
want to say more on it.

So, now you know, you can always come back, write a question in a comment
and I can add more.

Putting everything on Facebook is such a pity. It will be lost in the amount
of messages. So let us make my website more interactive. So you can find the idea and how to do it back all the time.


I just started to add what I have already in my pictures, but I will add more of my own embroidery later.

I have made a few little videos on how to do it. But they are still on my mobile phone, and I will add them later.

textile art, workshop with India Flint, using diluted Indian ink

Textile art experiments, workshop with India Flint in Scotland, using diluted Indian ink, Marijke Bongers

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