I always loved silk. As a young child I had a dress my mum used to wear that is of a very soft pink crepe de chine with little roses. I will tell the story about it later. But I was in love forever.

So when I started my bridal studio so many years ago when I was 21 I used mostly silk.

I was already aware about honest labor and child labor so I found a supplier that had a different width of their fabric to prevent children to do the weaving.

Now years later my first choice of fabric is local, fair and organic. So we use a lot of lovely linen from Northern Europe.

To have more options for my designs I still wanted also some shiny fabrics with more drape. I was lucky that someone showed me the way to this lovely fair and sustainable project of Cocccon.

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What is peace silk?

Non-violent silk, Ahimsa Silk or Peace Silk, is produced from cocoons without killing the pupae inside or without sacrificing animal life.

“Ahimsa”, meaning “nonviolence”, is a philosophy of many eastern religions, stating that humans should refrain from inflicting suffering on others, including non-human and even non-animal life. In this process silk worm can complete their life cycle and finally fly away as a beautiful butterfly.

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Now there is a catch in this lovely story. Always when people smell money (peace silk is more expensive) there are people that sell this without being really ethical. There are places that kill the birds that want to eat the pupae to produce “peace silk” So be aware and take the time to follow and investigate your supplier.

That isn’t easy and takes time. But the lovely part of it is that we are also building a nice relationship. I would love to travel to India one day to visit Jarkhand and hope that our collection will sell so I can be a good customer and provide honest work for the women of India.

Be sure that by being our customer you will only support the best and fairest sustainable suppliers I could find in the world. From fiber to clothes, all the steps fair and pure!

Have a look at the website of this lovely project https://cocccon-crafts-loom.com/home/

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Watch this video of one of the friends of our studio Prakash Chandra Jha


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