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Tekst Dilyara Salakhova:

Welcome to the Sustain Change Grow podcast. This podcast is for you - whether you feel worried about climate change and wondering how you can contribute to protect nature and the planet, or maybe you want to exercise more, reduce sugar consumption, or watch less series on Netflix. Powerful insights from guests in a range of different fields, from entrepreneurship, activism to psychology, will help you bring the needed changes in your life, to achieve conscious and sustainable success with your pursuits.

About the guest Marijke Bongers has spent her life working with textiles. She is an artist, a designer, a craftswoman, and an entrepreneur. She previously owned different businesses in fashion and textile, and recently became a fashion activist. She works on biodegradable outfits and installations in a concept or project way, using textiles and thread, and plant dyes in an earth-friendly way. She stopped buying new materials and uses only what is already available around, like not sold collections, own clothes, recycled linen of a hotel nearby and dye from the Willow tree or birch. Marijke organises and hosts an online textile recycle community project called New Opulence and participates in different exhibitions.

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About the host Dilyara Salakhova, PhD, is a research economist working on sustainable finance, financial stability and interconnections for more than ten years. Passionate about topics related to nature, climate change, sustainable lifestyle, as well as consciousness, Dilyara dedicates this podcast to raising awareness of climate change, and enhancing listener’s capacity to change and excel in their life. For more information and any enquiries, please visit: https://salakhova.com/

picture Marijke: https://www.instagram.com/maria_stijger_aramburu
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