The journey of finding the Willowqueen, day 1, day 2

Door: Marijke Bongers, op 2 juli 2020 

I started with this idea "Willow queen" in this winter, finding my inner queen, learning to take better care of myself.

Maybe I tell later how much i needed to see myself from another perspective. But I wasn't ready for a next step. I just don't feel like talking about all the "why" it is now the way it is. I just want to go now on to the next part of my journey in search of my inner Willow queen.

People who followed me on Instagram and Facebook know my 21day winterwanderingchallenge. And because I want to start reading all I wrote back than, I might want to share some of it again. We will see. (And I already did some of it 😉 )

Instead of only making my own little diary, I decided that I would write some things in my journal that is still good to cherish as my own secret. That maybe is too vulnerable, but I would like to place the rest on my blog. Because this website is the place where I would like to organise and gather the things I share with the world.

These last few months gave me time to relax, made me find some new ways to communicate, I made some new friends, learned a lot about how our country and all the governments are making their decisions. It made me worried, resourceful, angry, tired, disappointed, and sometimes very sad.

I now am in a faze that I want to be a rebel and fight for other systems but also take really good care of myself. Allow myself to go with the flow like water, ebb and flow. And feeling free to be like that.

Now I have done both for years, but it feel like I reached another level and see that I can be myself and allow myself to have the freedom to walk the journey as me getting even more me. Finding my own story, finding my inner and outer #willowqueen is also an art project. Because that is how it works for me.


I love projects, they give me structure I think, and I can close a project if I want to take it of my mind. I can decide on what project I should or want to work on. And have a place, room and time for it. One of the goals of this project is making clothes for the Willow queen that I think I am. And I will explain later much more about that.

dAY 1 AND DAY 2 #21daysummerwillowwanderings

Yesterday July 1, 2020 I started my project/challenge for myself. You can read my travel journals if you like.

Day 1 #21daysummerwillowwanderings

I decided to read in a book I have “Simple Abundance” A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I shared it with a dear friend and we decided to read it together every day.

Day 2 #21 daysummerwillowwanderings

Today after making myself a big green smoothie I took time to watch this lady. I want to work more on #bodypositivity and feeling more comfortable and I am thinking already for a long time about wanting to find a way to move my body. Yoga is still not started again, and I am feeling I really need to move more. Besides walking, gardening and biking, that has been proven pretty hard for me to really do it. I talked to Caitlin and decided I would try something like dancing with a video on.

I have seen something about this woman about “boodygroove” allready and I will see if this can be the trick for today.

watch the video "Love yourself by liking yourself"

Update 16:00...I actually mooooooved my body.....I liked the latin video a lot but that was a teaser, and this was a free class, I really laughed and moved at the same time....ow, now I listen to the text hihihihi....

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